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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When are the waterslides going to open this year, and what are the park hours?
A:  Open:  Memorial Day Weekend [ May 24th & 25th 2014 closed Memorial Day].
       Open:  Weekends only through:  June 21st, 2014.
       Open:  EVERYDAY!  June 21st through September 1st, 2014
Park Hours:  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM  (water activities stop at 5:45)

Q:  I plan on spending some time in the Blaine area this summer with my family and am
looking forward to taking everyone for a day or two at your waterslide park. Are there
any park rules or regulations I should know about in advance?
A:  Actually, yes.  For your safety and comfort, you may want to familiarize yourself in advance with our current park rules prior to your visit.  Click Here:  Park Rules & Regulations
Q:  Our company is going to have it's company gathering this summer, and since we would be a large group I'm thinking it might be better if we rented the facility for the day.  Is this an option we can pursue?
A:  ABSOLUTELY!  After hours of course works best between 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM each day. Please call [ 360-371-7901 ] to discuss in more detail your particular needs, rates, and park availability.  

Q:  What about having a group event catered.  Are you structured to handle this kind of request?
A:  Yes.  What we offer is a special mouth watering BBQ for groups of fifty (50) or more.  We would appreciate as much advance notice as you can provide.  Call  [ 360-371-7901 ].
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Season Passes

• No smoking in park.

• No metal allowed on slides.

• Swim attire mandatory.


• Rain-Checks are not issued due to inclement weather conditions.

• Patrons accept their own responsibility for safety in the park, and must recognize that watersliding and park activities are aggressive and fun, but carelessness and excessive enthusiasm may lead to serious accidents.  First Aid Staff are on duty at all times; please contact any employee for assistance.  For your safety and comfort our waterslide attendants care about all our guests and also are on duty at all times. 

Guests with previous injuries, physical impairments, and or/existing medical conditions should consult a physician before participating in waterslides activities. All activities within the Birch Bay Waterslides are at your own risk. Women who are pregnant are not permitted to use the waterslides or spa.

• Not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Disclaimer:  All rules and regulations are subject to change without notice

Q:  Is the water heated?
A:  YES! The water is heated to 80 - 84 degrees.

Q:  How deep are the pools?
A:  Each pool has a maximum depth of four (4)  ft.  The activity pool starts at zero depth to allow children of all ages to have FUN-IN-THE SUN. The kiddie slides have a maximum depth of two (2) feet.

Q:  Do the slides use tubes?
A:  Tubes are used on the "River Ride" and "Black Hole" slides only. On the River Ride you may use single, or double tubes.  Going down the "Black Hole" you can use single tubes.
Q:  Can I wear life jackets? Are they available to rent?
A:  YES! You may wear life jackets on any of our rides.  In fact, we highly recommend using them for young children who have difficulty swimming. Life Jackets are available to rent from our Gift Shop.

Q:  Is there a safe place to lock up my valuables?
A:  We have lockers available for daily rental. You may purchase a locker key at our Gift Shop for $3.00.  A $5.00 deposit is required and you will receive $2.00 back upon return of the key.  We assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Q:  Can I receive a refund? What if it rains?
A:  NO. Sorry we do not offer refunds of any kind. If it rains we make every attempt to remain open (the lines are usually shorter too) However, we do reserve the right to close due to weather or low attendance. Please call if you have any questions before arriving. 
Q:  Can I bring my own food? What about a cooler?
A: WE DO CURRENTLY ALLOW OUTSIDE FOOD. NO COOLERS. We hope we can maintain this policy with cooperation from our guests. Feedback is welcome. We do not allow competitors products such as Pizza or Fast Food.   

Q:  Can I leave the park and come back in?
A:  YES!  You may leave and enter at your convenience. You will receive a stamp at the gate upon your first time exiting the park.

Q:  How do I reserve a canopy?
A:  Canopies can be reserved online [ Reservations ] or over the phone. Online canopy reservations require a confirmation from a Birch Bay Waterslides representative.  As Canopies are limited in availability, these must be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
Q:  Can I bring my own umbrella or shelter?
A:  YES!  We have limited shade areas and we welcome you to bring your umbrella or shelter for further protection from the sun and elements.

Q:  How many people do I need for the group rate?
A:  You must have ten (10) or more people six (6) years or older to be eligible for the group rate.  See [ Rates & Tickets ].

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to inquire using one of the means provided within
the pages of this web site.  [Contact Us ]

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4874 Birch Bay Lynden Road; Blaine Washington 98230
Telephone:  360.371.7500, E-Mail:  sales@birchbaywaterslides.net

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