Q:How many people do I need to qualify for the group rate?

A:Our group rates begin at 10 or more people who are 6 & older. See                                               for more information!

Q: Can I bring my own umbrella or shelter?

A:Yes! We have limited shaded areas so we welcome you to bring your own umbrella or shelter to help further protect yourself from the sun and other elements. We also have limited lounge chairs on hot days, so you are welcome to bring your own as well!

Q: Can I leave the park and come back in?

A:Yes! You may leave and enter at your own convenience. You will receive a hand stamp at the gate when you leave the park in order to gain re-entry.

Q: Can I receive a refund? What if it rains?

A:NO. Sorry we do not offer refunds of any kind. If it rains we make every attempt to remain open (the lines are usually shorter too). However, we do reserve the right to close due to weather or low attendance. Please call if you have any questions before arriving.

Q: Is there a safe place to lock up my valuables?

A:Yes! We have lockers available for rent in our gift shop. They require a $5 deposit and you will receive $2 back when you return the key. You can get in and out of the locker all day.

Q: Can I bring my own food? What about a cooler?

A:We do allowed outside food and drink (just no competitors food, such as pizza and fast food) and coolers inside the park. However, we DO NOT allow glass or alcohol inside of the park due to our insurance policy. Yes, you can NOW bring a cooler, but please Pack it in - Pack it out. This and especially the rules listed above will allow us to continue this policy. We are focused and determined to continue to be a Family Friendly, Safe, and Affordable park for everyone to enjoy! We appreciate your co-operation. Feedback on these new policies are also very helpful!

Q: Do the slides use tubes?

A:Two of our slides utilize tubes. The "River Ride" has both single and double tubes available. Going down the "Black Hole" you can use single tubes.

Q: How deep are your pools?

A: Each pool has a maximum of a 4 foot depth. Our activity pool starts at zero feet deep and gradually reaches 4 feet deep to allow fun for all ages. Our kiddie pool has a maximum depth of 2 feet.

Q: Is the water heated?

A:Yes! The water is heated to between 75 and 80 degrees.

Q: What rules and regulations should I know in advance?

A: For your safety and comfort, please review the park rules under the "Our Park" tab.

Q: When are you open for the 2017 season?

A: We are open everyday from 10am to 6pm through Labor Day!


Frequently Asked Questions

​​​On rare occasions and only as a last resort, due to inclement weather we may not open, or have to close early. However, Birch Bay is often lucky enough to escape the surrounding weather conditions of our neighboring counties. We do our best to notify our guests through our phone system, website, and phone calls to groups who have previously booked.  We rarely trust the weather forecast in beautiful Birch Bay!

Q: Can I wear a  lifejacket on the slides and do you offer lifejackets to rent?

A: YES! We are big on safety!  You can wear a lifejacket on all the slides, except the Hydro-Cliff! You can also rent a Lifejacket for your time here in our gift shop. 

Park Rules and Regulations:

Park Rates:

General Park and Slide Information:

Q: My family is planning on visiting the Birch Bay area for a week. Do you have any offers that would allow us to come to the Birch Bay Waterslides several times during that period?

A:Yes! We offer a number of promotions throughout the Summer. Please check our website or visit the Birch Bay Visitor's Center while your here.

Q:  Can I bring my pet into the park with me?

A:  Unfortunately, pets are not allowed into the park unless they are a registered service animal.

Q: Can I bring a barbecue to grill my food, or do you provide one for us?

A: Due to safety precautions, we do not supply any grills or barbecues to the public, and cannot not allow you to bring your own.