Volleyball and Basketball Courts

The park also features a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. We provide volleyballs and basketballs to use for the day. Just ask to borrow them in the gift shop! 

Gift Shop

 Our park includes a gift shop that has lockers and life jackets available for rental. We also have various items for sale including clothing, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, candy, and more!


The Birch Bay Waterslides offers a variety of food and drinks at our concession stand that opens up 11am. The concession stand sells hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken strips, pizza by the slice, curly fries, ice cream, sundaes, slushies, and soda.


Black Slides

The Black Slides are open from noon until 5pm and include a 60 Foot Drop and the Black Hole. The Black Hole utilizes single tubes and everyone 5 and up can go on it. In order to go on the Drop you must be 12 years and older and 100 lbs. 

Hot Tub

We have a large hot tub that can fit up to 40 people. Ages 6 and under not permitted in the hot tub by Washington State law.

Activity Pool

The Activity Pool is a heated beach entry pool. Its deepest point is 4 feet deep.

Kiddie Pool

The Kiddie Pool is for ages 8 and under. It includes three smaller, slow slides for younger kids to enjoy!

River Ride

The River Ride uses single and double tubes. It is a faster paced ride that includes descents into two buckets.


The Ramp slide is a wide slide that empties into a 4 foot pool. It is great for all ages; parents can slide with children in their laps if necessary, otherwise one slider at a time.

Four Main Slides

Right as you walk into the park there are four different slides coming down from a tower. Snake, Corkscrew, Hairpin and Twister are fun for all ages! Parents can slide down with children in their laps.

Our Slides

  • ​No glass allowed in the park
  • No smoking (Including E-cigarettes)
  • No metal allowed on slides (including buttons, chains, etc..)
  • Swim attire mandatory
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • No alcohol
  • No grills or BBQs
  • Only factory sealed beverages are allowed into the park​
  • No pets
  • No stopping, standing or kneeling on any of the slides
  • Exit all slides and attractions quickly
  • Do not leave children unattended
  • All activities are at your own risk
  • Women who are pregnant are not permitted to ride the slides or use the hot tub (special rate available)
  • Children under the age of 6, are not permitted in spa               (per Health Department Regulations)

Birch Bay Pizza

Birch Bay Pizza is now conveniently located right inside our park! Birch Bay Pizza will be opening June 24.

Seating Areas

Our park is full of lounge chairs, picnic tables, and round tables with umbrellas that are on a first come first serve basis. We also have covered areas available for rent. Check out our reservations page for more information on how to reserve a covered area for your group!

General Park Rules