"Where the Fun Always Shines!"


"What is your favorite memory of the Birch Bay Waterslides?"

CONTEST WINNER: Victoria Martinez

"My husband has had to work long 10 hour days to support the family and one day we decided he was going to call in and we were going to make a trip to Birch Bay Waterslides. My two boys were so excited to have Dad come along instead of always working. My heart melted when they found out we were all going as a family. We had the most fun that day. The boys and my husband and of course myself got on every ride and we found this inner energy to keep us going until near closing time. My boys were 7 and 8. They are now 11 and 12, we have not had a chance to make it up there. But to this day every now and again they start a story with "Remember when we went to Birch Bay and we......"

Describe your dream slide and e-mail it to us at sales@birchbaywaterslides.net for a chance to win a FREE family four pack to the Birch Bay Waterslides for the 2015 season! Entries due by August 31st at Midnight.

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"If you could design any slide for the Birch Bay Waterslides, what would it be?"

Luke Ridnour and a few of his basketball campers at the Birch Bay Waterslides for an after-hours party!