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Thank you once again for choosing the Birch Bay Waterslides for your end of school outing. It is with a persistent effort that we continue to offer this opportunity for your school to enjoy a fun and memorable end of year celebration at a significantly reduced rate. 

      Here are few reminders to ensure a fun and safe experience at the Birch Bay Waterslides:

It is our sincere intent to limit the number of schools and kids in to the waterslides on any particular day to maximize the enjoyment level of your group. There are many circumstances; e.g. transportation conflicts, snow days etc… 
Available School Dates
MAY 28TH - June 21ST, 2013
9:00am - 4:00pm weekdays only
*Additional Evening Rentals By Request Only, Additional Fees May Apply
that affect each individual school and district. The Birch Bay Waterslides has been a tradition for hundreds of school children in the area for several years now, and we intend to continue to provide this opportunity to each school to the best of our ability. If the number of children in attendance of the park is a concern for your group, please be flexible in your available dates and we will make every attempt to provide you with the ideal waterslide experience.

·The park operates during these days at a minimum staff level due to the fact that many of our full time employees are still in school themselves. Safety is our number one priority and we make certain that each slide attraction will be supervised by the appropriate number of trained waterslide attendants. Every effort will be made to ensure that all attractions will be open on the day of your visit. Depending on the majority age level of groups in attendance and number of available staff, the Black slides located at the East end of park may not be available for use. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

·If purchasing meal tickets, please contact a Birch Bay Waterslide representative prior to your arrival date to arrange a scheduled meal time for your group. This will help in a reduction of the long lines we have experienced in the past. Again, we operate on a limited staff basis. Please be patient and cooperative with our concession staff.  

·Covered areas are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please be respectful of the other groups in attendance and take up only the necessary amount of space for your group.

·Lockers are available for rent for $5.00 with a $3.00 refundable deposit. Please inform your children to lock up their valuables or leave them at home.

·Chaperones not using the water gain admittance to the park free of charge. Due to the limited number of staff, we ask that chaperones play a pro-active leadership role while in attendance. Please keep an eye on your children to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all groups in attendance.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call the Birch Bay Waterslide office.
 (360) 371-7500 x105. We look forward to seeing you!
Birch Bay Waterslides 
4874 Birch Bay Lynden Road; Blaine Washington 98230
Telephone:  360.371.7500, E-Mail:

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