-2021 Season Update-

Opening Day Announcement

Opening day of the 2021 summer season will be WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30TH. As we enter into the 38th year of operations at the Birch Bay Waterslides, we are excited to welcome everyone back to the waterpark this summer!


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Birch Bay Waterslides will be adhering to the guidance of the Whatcom County and Washington State Health Departments as well as the CDC. 


Washington State has announced that the majority of COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on June 30th, which should allow us to open for the 2021 summer season with limited COVID-19 restrictions in place. In the event that Whatcom County is required to resume a phased reopening approach, we will make all necessary adjustments to our operations in order to remain open for the summer. 


Staff and guests will be required to comply with all guidelines in place for water recreation facilities, as outlined by the Washington State Department of Health. 


While we are confident in our ability to provide a safe environment this summer, we ask that any potential guests who are not willing to or who do not feel comfortable following the guidelines in place to save their visit for another time. If you have any concerns regarding redeeming tickets purchased prior to 6/1/2021, please contact us via email at sales@birchbaywaterslides.net


Additional Information regarding our response to COVID-19 can be found in our 2021 Covid Overview FAQ.  

2021 COVID Overview FAQ

Has opening day been delayed later than usual? 

Yes, unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, unexpected issues, and restrictive requirements we determined it was in the best interest of our guest to delay our opening to coincide with the reopening of Washington State. 


When will you be open for the 2021 season? 

We will be open daily from 10am - 6pm starting on Wednesday, June 30th. 


Are you going to require proof of vaccination? 

We will not be requiring our customers to show proof of vaccination in order to visit our park this summer. Regardless of vaccination status, we require all visitors to follow Washington State guidelines.  


Will face coverings be required? 

We ask that all guests adhere to Washington State mask guidelines. We will not be checking for vaccination status, and request that all visitors act in a responsible and respectful manner. 


Have your prices increased at all?

No, to be fair to our guests prices have remained the same as the 2019 season. 


Will all waterslides and pools be running this summer? 

Unfortunately due to a year of closure “the Drop” slide will not be operating this summer. 


Do I need to make a reservation prior to my visit?

At this time reservations are not required. 


Can I buy tickets now?

Yes, you can purchase your tickets online now! Please visit our website for more information. 


Why should I buy tickets online now?

Buying tickets online will allow you to skip the admissions line when entering the park. Tickets are also currently on sale now! 


Are tickets/season passes purchased for the 2020 season valid this year?

Yes, all tickets purchased for the 2020 season will be made valid until the conclusion of the 2021 summer season. 


When can I reserve a party/ group outing? 

Right now! Please visit our website for more information.