What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please click here for further details. 

Why are you closed for the 2020 season?

There are many reasons why we cannot open. To list just a few:

  • Due to the complexity of the COVID-19 virus.

  • For the safety of our guests, vendors, and employees.

  • The safety of our guests, vendors, and employees is our highest priority.

  • The CDC Guidelines for aquatic facilities are not feasible for a waterpark such as ours.

  • Requirement such as wearing masks even in aquatic facilities.

  • The closure of the border and all major tourist events in Whatcom County for summer of 2020 have been cancelled. (Ski to Sea, Northwest Washington Fair, Farmers Day Parade, Discover Birch Bay Days, etc.)

  • Restrictions placed on lodging and dining.

  • Limited capacity allowed, inability to gather and social distancing.

What phase are you in according to the Phased Approach in WA State?

Being a unique business, it is unclear what phase we fit in to in Washington State's Phased Approach.

How do the CDC guidelines affect your waterpark?

Here is the link to the CDC Guidelines at waterparks/water venues. We have taken these into consideration and decided that these are not feasible to our waterpark.

How can I support the BBWS through these difficult times?

As a seasonal business, missing a single season of operation will have a significant negative impact on the Birch Bay Waterslides. We encourage you to take advantage of our sale for 2021 tickets. This will help us be able to maintain, improve and ensure that our park is ready for the 2021 season and beyond.

Will you be opening in the 2021 season?

Yes. We will be opening in the 2021 season.

Will my season pass/tickets be valid for next season?

Yes. All previously purchased season passes and tickets for the 2020 season will be valid through the 2021 season.

Are you selling tickets for the 2021 season?

Yes. For sale information for 2021 tickets, click here.

Who will be receiving a virtual coupon book?

Every current season pass member. Additionally, anyone who takes advantage of our current season pass sale. (For example, a season pass for a family of four will receive four buddy tickets and four of the additional incentive items).

How do I receive my virtual coupon book?

The virtual coupon book will be added to your membership account. We will send a conformation email with details for use in the 2021 season. Please allow adequate time for this process.

How do I use my buddy ticket(s)?

Simply bring your guest with you to the park and your buddy ticket will be redeemed upon entry. You must be present with your guest to redeem your buddy ticket.

How can we support the community?

For every Ticket and Season Pass purchased, we will donate tickets to Health Care Workers and their families.

Additionally, your buddy ticket can be donated to a Health Care Worker at your request. Simply contact

How will your donation tickets be distributed?

All donated tickets will be distributed directly through the Human Resource Department of Emergency and Medical Facilities.