If you are planning on visiting us September 1st, 2nd or 3rd, please read the letter below and email us or fill out the contact box below for more information.

Dear Birch Bay Waterslides Guests,


Unfortunately, due to a shortage of staff as local schools are back in session along with ongoing food/product shortages, we may not have the ability to fully operate on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We are doing our best to successfully navigate through these circumstances, however, there may be a possibility of closing early those days if we are unable to safely operate or may be operating on a minimal basis. 

If you have a reservation or are planning to visit us on one of these days, we would be more than happy to work with you to make your experience here the best it can be. Please email us at sales@birchbaywaterslides.net if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please continue to check our website and our Facebook page where we will be posting all updates regarding these days and the end of the season.

Our last day of the 2021 season is September 6th! On Monday, the 6th, we will be open from 10am-2pm and tickets will be $15! These tickets will be available at the admissions window.

We appreciate your continued support throughout this difficult season and hope to see you all in 2022! Keep your eye out for our 2022 ticket sale and season pass renewal discounts coming out soon!

We appreciate your understanding and continued support! 

~The Management Team 

If you are planning on coming on September 1st, 2nd or 3rd, please fill out this form for more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

-2021 Season Update-

Opening Day Announcement

Opening day of the 2021 summer season will be WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30TH. As we enter into the 38th year of operations at the Birch Bay Waterslides, we are excited to welcome everyone back to the waterpark this summer!


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Birch Bay Waterslides will be adhering to the guidance of the Whatcom County and Washington State Health Departments as well as the CDC. 


Washington State has announced that the majority of COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on June 30th, which should allow us to open for the 2021 summer season with limited COVID-19 restrictions in place. In the event that Whatcom County is required to resume a phased reopening approach, we will make all necessary adjustments to our operations in order to remain open for the summer. 


Staff and guests will be required to comply with all guidelines in place for water recreation facilities, as outlined by the Washington State Department of Health. 


While we are confident in our ability to provide a safe environment this summer, we ask that any potential guests who are not willing to or who do not feel comfortable following the guidelines in place to save their visit for another time. If you have any concerns regarding redeeming tickets purchased prior to 6/1/2021, please contact us via email at sales@birchbaywaterslides.net


Additional Information regarding our response to COVID-19 can be found in our 2021 Covid Overview FAQ.  

2021 Covid Overview FAQ

Has opening day been delayed later than usual? 

Yes, unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, unexpected issues, and restrictive requirements we determined it was in the best interest of our guest to delay our opening to coincide with the reopening of Washington State. 


When will you be open for the 2021 season? 

We will be open daily from 10am - 6pm starting on Wednesday, June 30th. 


Are you going to require proof of vaccination? 

We will not be requiring our customers to show proof of vaccination in order to visit our park this summer. Regardless of vaccination status, we require all visitors to follow Washington State guidelines.  


Will face coverings be required? 

We ask that all guests adhere to Washington State mask guidelines. We will not be checking for vaccination status, and request that all visitors act in a responsible and respectful manner. 


Have your prices increased at all?

No, to be fair to our guests prices have remained the same as the 2019 season. 


Will all waterslides and pools be running this summer? 

Unfortunately due to a year of closure “the Drop” slide will not be operating this summer. 


Do I need to make a reservation prior to my visit?

At this time reservations are not required. 


Can I buy tickets now?

Yes, you can purchase your tickets online now! Please visit our website for more information. 


Why should I buy tickets online now?

Buying tickets online will allow you to skip the admissions line when entering the park. Tickets are also currently on sale now! 


Are tickets/season passes purchased for the 2020 season valid this year?

Yes, all tickets purchased for the 2020 season will be made valid until the conclusion of the 2021 summer season. 


When can I reserve a party/ group outing? 

Right now! Please visit our website for more information. 


- Slides -

Four Main Slides

Snake - Hairpin

Corkscrew - Twister

Right as you walk into the park there are four different slides coming down from a tower. Snake, Corkscrew, Hairpin and Twister are fun for all ages!

Parents can slide down with children in their laps.

River & Ramp Slides


The River Ride uses single and double tubes. It is a faster paced ride that includes descents into two buckets.


The Ramp slide is a wide slide that empties into a 4 foot pool. It is great for all ages; parents can slide with children in their laps if necessary, otherwise one slider at a time.

Black Slides

Black Hole & THe drop

The Black Slides are open from Noon until 5pm and include a 60 Foot Drop and the Black Hole.

The Drop is closed for the 2021 season due to required maintenance. 

The Black Hole utilizes single tubes and everyone 5 and up can go on it.

In order to go on the Drop you must be 12 years and older and 100 lbs.


- Pools -

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool

The Kiddie Pool is for ages 8 and under. It includes three smaller, slow slides for younger kids to enjoy!

Activity Pool

The Activity Pool is a heated beach entry pool. Its deepest point is 5 feet deep.

Activity Pool
Hot Tub

Hot Tub

We have a large hot tub that can fit up to 30 people.

Due to Washington State law, guests under the age of 7 are unfortunately not allowed in the Hot Tub.



Gift Shop

Our park includes a gift shop that has lockers and life jackets available for rental. We also have various items for sale including clothing, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, candy, and more!

Volleyball & Basketball Courts

The park also features a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. We provide volleyballs and basketballs to use for the day. Just ask to borrow them in the gift shop! 


The Birch Bay Waterslides offers a variety of food and drinks at our concession stand that opens up 11am. The concession stand sells hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, fries, ice cream, slushies, and soda.

Seating Areas

Our park is full of lounge chairs, picnic tables, and round tables with umbrellas that are on a first come first serve basis. We also have covered areas available for rent. Check out our reservations page for more information on how to reserve a covered area for your group!

-Frequently asked questions-

When do you open for the 2021 season?

Opening day of the 2021 season will be announced on June 1st! At this time we anticipate being open for the season no later than the end of June. Our phone message and website are updated daily once we open for the summer.

Do you offer a group discount?

For parties with 10-50 people over the age of 6, our group rate is $18.50 +tax per person. For parties with 51-99 people over the age of 6, our group rate is $17.50 +tax. For parties with 100+ people over the age of 6, our group rate is $15.00 +tax per person. Please make a booking for a group party to let us know you will be bringing in a group under the covered area/group party reservation tab on our home screen.

Do you offer a late day rate?

We do! After 3pm, our rates reduce to $18.00 +tax for everyone 6 years old and older, $10.00 +tax for everyone 3/4/5 years old, and those 2 and under are always free.

Can I bring in my own food or a cooler?

Yes! Our family friendly food policy permits outside food and coolers. However, there are a few restrictions: No glass or alcohol is allowed in the park. If you are bringing snacks from home in tupperware, make sure that it is plastic tupperware and not glass. We do not allow any competitors food into the park. We sell general concessions food (corndogs, cheeseburgers, french fries, etc) and pizza, so fast food (McDonald's, Subway, Little Caesar's , etc) is not permitted. We do not allow any open beverages into the park. All beverage containers must be factory sealed or empty (including reusable water bottles). Please be aware that our staff is required to check your cooler upon entry to the park. Besides these three rules, food is welcome into the park!

Do your slides have height or age requirements?

We do not have height requirements, however, we do have some age requirements. - For our four main slides, small children can ride on a parent's lap if they are scared. We do not have a specific age requirement for the four main slides. - For our river ride, children must be at least two years old. Children must be able to ride behind their parent on a double tube, holding onto their shoulders (piggy-back style) if necessary. - Children must be five-years-old to go down the black hole. - Children must be two years old to go down the ramp slide. - Sliders must be 12 years old AND 100 pounds to ride the drop. - Children under 7 are NOT permitted in the hot tub as per Washington State Health Laws.

Can I wear a life jacket on the slides?

Absolutely! We are big on safety! Life jackets can also be rented in our gift shop for a $20 deposit, with a $15 refund when the jacket is returned.

Are lockers available for valubles?

Yes, we rent out lockers in our gift shop. The cost is $5, and we will give you a key for all-day access. Bring your key back before 5:55 to get a refund of $2.

Do you ever close early?

We do reserve the right to close early due to inclement weather, low attendence or shortage of staff. All updates regarding closing early will be posted to our website.


-Park Rules-

  • No alcohol, smoking, vaping, or e-cigarettes allowed in the park

  • No glass containers

  • All beverages must be factory sealed

  • No grills or BBQs 

  • No pets 

  • Children must be supervised at all times

  • The Birch Bay Waterslides are not responsible for any lost or stolen items - valuables may be kept in lockers or in locked vehicles.

-slide & pool Rules-

  • No running

  • Swimwear is mandatory

  • No metal is allowed on the slides (buttons, chains on swimwear, etc.)

  • Sliders must slide feet first and on their back or backside at all times

  • No stopping, standing, or kneeling on any of the slides

  • Exit all slides and attractions quickly

  • Pregnant women are not permitted to use the slides or hot tub as per Washington State Health Code

  • Children under the age of 7 are not permitted in the hot tub as per Washington State Health Law