- 2021 General Admission -

Ages 3-5

$17+ TAX

$10+ TAX

-Full Day-

-Late Day-

(After 3pm)

Ages 2 & Under


With Paying Adult

Ages 6-60

$23+ TAX

$18+ TAX

-Full Day-

-Late Day-

(After 3pm)

Ages 60+

$17+ TAX

-Full Day-

Not Sliding? 

See Our Viewer Rates Below!


- 2021 Season Passes -


$150+ TAX


-Group of 4-


-Group of 5-

$475+ TAX

-Group of 6-

$550+ TAX


- Viewer Admission -







How it works

Viewers pay full price admission at the front window ($23.00). 

-Full Day-

(Price After $10 Refund)

$13+ TAX

All Ages

Upon payment, we will give the viewer a wristband that indicates no water activity (besides wading in the activity pool and kiddie pool). 

Viewers enjoy  the freedom to change their mind during the day. If they later decide that they want to slide, they can simply take off the bracelet and do so without having to make any additional transaction. 

At the end of the day, the viewer returns to the front admission window to return their bracelet. 

If the bracelet is dry and intact when you leave, indicating that the viewer did not slide, a $10 refund will be given to full day customers, and an $8 refund to late day customers

With this wristband, lifeguards will not permit any viewing customer down a slide. 

In the end, full day viewers end up paying $13.00, and late day viewers $10.00

-Late Day-

(After 3pm)

(Price After $8 Refund)

$10+ TAX


- Group Admission -

10-50 People

$18.50+ TAX

-Full Day-

51-99 People

$17.50+ TAX

-Full Day-

100+ People

$15+ TAX

-Full Day-

Click above to make a group Reservation online
or Give us a call at (360) 371-7500 to reserve 

Group admission prices only available at the admissions window when you arrive at the park.

Your online group party reservation ensures that you will be charged the group rate at the admissions window.