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How does the waiver work?

As there are some changes to our park, we now require a signed waiver upon entrance to the park for each guest. A signed waiver will be valid for the entire 2022 season 

There are a few ways to complete this process listed below.

how do i sign a waiver?

Already purchased tickets or want to sign a waiver in advanced instead of at the admissions window?
Click above to fill out a waiver! 

Purchasing tickets or season passes online

  1. Click the button below to buy tickets/passes online.

  2. As you are checking out, it will prompt you to make an account if you do not have one already. 

  3. Make an account and continue through the steps to assign a ticket to each guest. 

  4. Read through and complete the waiver. 

  5. Fill out your payment information.

  6. Your tickets and receipt will be sent to you via email. 

Purchasing tickets at the admissions window

  1. Once you arrive at the park, go to the admissions window to purchase your tickets. 

  2. During this process, we will have a copy of the waiver for you to look over. 

  3. We will provide a tablet to complete and sign the waiver for you and your guests. If you have any minors with you, their parent or guardian will need to complete the waiver for them at the admissions window or online if they are not with you. 

If you are unsure of who will be using a ticket: ​​

  1. ​Assign the ticket to anyone on your account (you may assign more than one ticket to a guest).

  2. Once you know who will be using that ticket, please have them fill out a waiver by clicking the waiver button on our website. 

  3. It will take them through the same steps to create an account and sign the waiver. 

Please Note

  • If you are under 18 years old, you will need your parent or guardian to fill out a waiver on your behalf.

  • After you sign a waiver, that waiver is valid for the entire 2022 season. 

  • We will have your information in our system once you have completed the process of filling out a waiver, so there is no need to print one out as proof. 

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